Uniform Guide

Cadet orders of dress with diagrams

Placement of badges, medals and boot lacing diagrams

Class Schedules

Listed below are the class schedules including instructor assignments:

Class schedules are being completed and will be posted soon

Instructional Guide (IG) & Qualification Standard and Plan (QSP) Downloads

Listed below are the Qualification Standard Plan (QSP) and Instructional Guide (IG) resources available for each level so instructors can understand what are the requirements and performance expectations for each class and how to prepare class presentation and personal lesson plans.

Level 1 - Instructional Guide (IG)
Level 1 - Qualification Standard and Plan (QSP)

Level 2 - Instructional Guide (IG)
Level 2 - Qualification Standard and Plan (QSP)

Level 3 - Instructional Guide (IG)
Level 3 - Qualification Standard and Plan (QSP)

Level 4 - Instructional Guide (IG)
Level 4 - Qualification Standard and Plan (QSP)

Level 5 - Instructional Guide (IG)
Level 5 - Qualification Standard and Plan (QSP)

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